Greens want to legalise cannabis

The Herald reports:

The Green Party has released its updated drug law reform policy, which would regulate access to and allow for medicinal cannabis.

It would mean adults will no longer be criminalised for growing or using small amounts of marijuana.

Health spokesperson Julie Anne Genter says the policy is evidence based, and criminalisation of marijuana does more harm than good.

She says the laws are out of date and decriminalisation would mean people’s mental and physical wellbeing is prioritised ahead of making them a criminal.

Ms Genter says it would allow the drug to be regulated and create safer communities.

It would also open the door to medical marijuana – doctors would be able to prescribe the drug for chronically ill patients.

I agree with them on this. Criminalising it has not worked and is being abandoned.

The situation in the US is:

  • Legal for recreational use in eight states
  • Decriminalised for recreational use in 13 states
  • Legal for medical use (but not recreational) in 24 states
  • Prohibited entirely in five states

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