WCC Mayoral Candidates on tunnels

Do you support four laning (through additional tunnels) the Mt Vic and Terrace tunnels at an estimated cost of $250 million?

  • Nick Leggett: Absolutely – Terrace Tunnel to airport all needs upgrades. It’s one route and probably several projects.
  • Nicola Young: Yes
  • Justin Lester: I support the duplicate tunnels at Mt Victoria and The Terrace. These projects will be paid for by central government because they are part of the state highway network.
  • Helene Ritchie: N.A. Central Government funds and project, at least 10-15 years away ( 3-4 Councils!) Central Government has earmarked the funds already as part of the RONS project
  • Andy Foster: Mt Vic likely yes, Terrace probably no (all that motorway congestion then transferred to city streets). These will be properly analysed and modelled through the Let’s Get Wellington moving process currently well underway. Decisions by the end of 2017 on a multi modal package including urban design projects.
  • Jo Coughlan: Yes its a key priority to double tunnel the Mt Victoria and Terrace Tunnels and four Lanes to the Planes. I will utilise my relationships across the political spectrum to work with whoever is in Government to ensure this happens.

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