WCC Candidates’ Survey – Northern ward

There are six candidates seeking three positions. Only one candidate has completed the survey (John Apanowicz) so his responses are copied below.

Q4: What is the maximum average annual rates increase, if any, you would vote for over the next three years?

The rate of inflation

Q5: Do you support the proposed runway extension for Wellington Airport?
  • Yes
Q6: What is the maximum contribution ($ or %) from toward the runway extension you would vote for?

If the Council is to provide funding in any form then it needs a return for the ratepayers. This should either be through increased equity in the airport or via a loan like the Stadium.

Q7: Can you give an example of current WCC spending that you would vote against in future?


Q8: Do you support four laning (through additional tunnels) the Mt Vic and Terrace tunnels at an estimated cost of $250 million?

yes, One of my priorities is finalising a workable solution to the basin reserve congestion. This is part of that.

Q9: Do you support a change to the structure of local government in the Wellington Region, and if so to what?

No, it’s not what the region wants.

Q10: Do you support the current closing times for CBD bars of 4am. If not, what time would you prefer?

No, 2pm or 3pm.

Q11: Do you think WCC should make it a condition for any business tendering for a contract with WCC to pay their staff at least $20 an hour?

No, as a business owner I would be against imposing any conditions on another party.

Q12: Should fluoridation of the Wellington city water supply continue?

Yes, I am also standing as a CCDHB candidate and this is a regular question.

Q13: If Council had an additional 10% revenue, or $40 million, what would be your priority spending areas?

The arts and infrastructure. Although $40 million does not go far on infrastructure.

Q14: Vegemite or Marmite
  • Other (please specify)peanut

DPF Comment: With the exception of the bar closing time questions, Apanowicz seems to have sensible responses.

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