Australian union negotiations reports:

“What do you want to do? You want your job shut down for another two days?” the CFMEU official is heard saying.

“Youse want to f*** with me, I tell you now mate. Get off your f***ing arse, you’re supposed to be a safety adviser.”

The safety adviser, employed by Grocon, informs the union man he is trespassing.

“Go f*** yourself. Film it. Because you know what, I got a lot more f***ing money and loyal people,” the CFMEU official replies.

The argument continues with the Grocon employee asking the union official to leave, and the union official continuing to swear and express threats.

“You know what, I know your phone number. I know where you live c***. I’m telling you now,” he says.

The Police should have arrested the union official. Referring to knowing where he lives is nasty and very threatening.

Master Builders Association chief executive Wilhelm Harnisch said it’s accurate to portray the building industry in cities as a lawless sector ruled by thugs. He said the watchdog worked well before.

“It’s the community that’s being cheated, (because) schools and hospital are unnecessarily costing 30 per cent more by the work practices the CFMEU imposes on contractors,” he told ABC radio.

There’s been ample evidence over the years about the corruption in the Australian union movement.

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