Union boasting how they own Labor

Andrew Bolt blogs on a news story reporting:

The video shows CFMEU ­assistant state secretary for Western Australia Graham Pallot and national president Joe McDonald telling workers they are increasing their sway over Labor as a ­result of their numbers.

“The reality is we all know how we’ve felt for a long time about the ALP but what we’re actually going to do is take ownership and ­responsibility of the ALP,” Mr Pallot says. “We’re getting influence in the ALP and that’s how we’re going to get in there. We’re not going to wait for the politicians to come and do it for us — we’re going to go in there, with your support, we’re going to put politicians in that are representative of the working class.

“And to be quite frank, if they don’t, we’re going to remove that politician and we’re going to ­replace them with someone that does stand up for the values we want — that is going to improve WorkSafe, that is going to bring in laws, that is going to get rid of the ABCC.

The ABCC is the organisation that fought against union corruption on building sites. Labor is fightign hard against it on behalf of the corrupt Australian unions.

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