Final WCC Results

The final WCC results are online now.

It is interesting to look at how the preferences flowed.

Lester won with a decent margin of over 7,000 votes and led on every iteration. But some of the preference flows are interesting.

On 1st preferences Lester was 36.5%, Leggett 25.4% and Coughlan 20.3%.

Lester picked up a plurality of the votes from Overton voters. Young got the most from Johnson voters. Leggett got the most from Ritchie and Foster voters.

What is interesting is how Young voters were re-allocated. Young endorsed Leggett as her 2nd pick but her preferences went 42% Couglan, 32% Lester and and 27% Leggett.

Coughlan’s preferences went 59% Leggett and 41% Lester.

If more Young and Coughlan voters had preferenced Leggett ahead of Lester he would have won. It reinforces to me how having multiple candidates on one side of the race helps the other side.

Not to take anything away from Lester’s win. He campaigned well and got a good result. I wish him well.

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