Swarbrick standing for Greens

The Herald reports:

The Green Party’s newest recruitment says she was approached by several political parties before she picked the .

The failed mayoral candidate won’t say which other parties tried to win her over, though Labour leader Andrew Little has previously expressed an interest in meeting with her.

“I have always voted Greens,” the 22-year-old said after confirming her candidacy this morning.

“I just affiliate with what they do and I’m on board with their policies and their values.”

At a time when UK and US politics was becoming increasingly bitter, she wanted to be “part of a positive change”.

The party already has five Auckland-based MPs and several more high-ranking candidates based in the city.

However, it is understood that at least one of the party’s MPs will leave Parliament at the next election.

Their Auckland MPs are Genter, Clendon, Roche, Davidson and Coates.

Not sure who is standing down but Clendon is very low impact so that would be my guess.

Swarbrick got almost 30,000 votes for Mayor. If she can attract even two thirds of that to the Greens that is worth an extra 1% for them. However maybe they were voters who already vote Greens?

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