Thank you US Navy

Stuff reports:

Navy ships on the way to Kaikoura will help increase the helicopter evacuations of up to 1000 stranded people from the quake-hit town, Civil Defence says.

Several Kiwi ships, as well as a US destroyer, will arrive in Kaikoura later on Wednesday morning to bring in essential supplies and allow tourists and others to leave.

The HMNZS Wellington would survey the Kaikoura harbour area to find the best place for the HMNZS Canterbury – New Zealand’s largest navy ship – to begin evacuating people.

The HMNZS Te Kaha and the USS Sampson – an American navy vessel in town for celebrations – are also en route to provide support.

Stuart-Black said the extra naval support would allow officials to increase the number of helicopter trips in and out of Kaikoura, taking supplies in and evacuating people “so we’re making the most of the capacity that exists”.

I wonder if the usual suspects are still going to go ahead with their protest against the USS Sampson??

The US has also directed one of their P3 Orions to help with surveillance flights. Great to have friends helping out.

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