PETA wants cows to be retired

Newshub reports:

Animal rights group Australia is calling on authorities to ensure the famously stranded after Monday’s earthquake are taken to a sanctuary to avoid slaughter and retire.

The two Hereford cows and a calf were stuck on an island-like verge after the 7.5 magnitude quake, but managed to be rescued by farmers on Tuesday.

“Now that they are back on solid ground, their future safety is shaky at best,” says associate director of campaigns Ashley Fruno.

“Whether used for their milk or their flesh, in the end all cows are crammed onto trucks and transported to abattoirs where their throats are slit and they are skinned and gutted.

“PETA is calling on the farmer to allow these animals to live out the rest of their lives in peace at a sanctuary, instead of being torn into pieces.”

Maybe Fonterra could buy the cows and turn them into global Ambassadors!

Or set up a retirement village in Auckland for the cows and convince ATEED to spend $500,000 on it as a tourist attraction.

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