US elections open thread

Use this thread to comment on the results as they come in.  Will try and do updates of significant states as they occur.

UPDATE: looking good for Clinton. Well ahead in North Carolina with half the votes counted

UPDATE 1527: Trump doing better than before in some states. NY Times has dropped Clinton’s probability to win from 80% to 60%!

UPDATE 1619: NY Times now has Trump at 78% to win and the Dow Jones has dropped more than it did on 9/11. If Trump wins this is biggest upset in history. Thrilling.

UPDATE 1704: NYT now has Trump as over 95% likely to win the electoral college (but lose popular vote). Unless their model is crap this is looking massive.  He is leading in Michigan and Wisconsin which were not even thought in play.

Republicans also looking likely to win the Senate so you may have them in control of Executive and Congress.

UPDATE 1911: I’m calling it for Trump.  He is leading in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania which gives him the presidency comfortably. The biggest upset of modern history.

Something amazing about seeing the votes come in and determine a Government. It shows that voting does matter

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