Why isn’t National attracting more candidates in safe seats?

National has generally done a good job of refreshing the caucus and getting some talented people into Parliament.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t still a challenge ahead.

When a safe seat comes up, once upon a time you’d have a dozen credible candidates compete for it, and all of the final five would be high calibre candidates.

Party members in Pakuranga and East Coast Bays, both seats with huge majorities, are saying that there isn’t a huge line up of aspiring candidates.

Why when the party is at 48% in the polls, are there not a dozen people seeking the safe seats coming up?

Some possible reasons people have floated with me:

  • A perception of a gender/race bias with white males feeling that it isn’t a fair fight.
  • A selection process too tough on those with family/mortgage responsibilities
  • A party too shy in its shoulder tapping
  • Does the selection by locals system deter “stars” who have not been involved in the electorate?
  • Working 60 to 70 hours a week for a $150,000 salary not appealing to those who are already earning way more than that

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