A great speech from an 11 year old

A very well delivered and reasoned speech by 11 year old at Mt Hobson Middle School. She spoke on gender stereotypes and some of her points were:

  • “What does it mean to be a girl? Am I defined by the colour pink, a tube of lipgloss and a pair of high heels? Should I pull out a sewing kit, bake some cupcakes and do the washing?”
  • She “loved to play sports, have sword fights and race around the playground”, and dress up as Spiderman and Batman.
  • People tell girls “what a pretty little princess we are”, she said: “You don’t hear people saying, ‘wow, you’re such a strong, smart girl’.”
  • “Does it really matter if little girls play with cars and trucks? Maybe one day she’ll grow up to be an awesome mechanic.
  • “Or what about little boys playing with dolls? At least we know he’ll be a loving and kind dad when he’s older.”
  • “Girl, boy, or other gender, you should be who you want, believe what you want, and love who you want, without being judged criticised or hurtful.”
  • “As for me I know my potential, I know my worth. This little princess will slay the dragon, rescue herself from the tower and definitely go down in history.”

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