Greens faction wants to end capitalism

The SMH reports:

Internal tensions within the Greens have boiled over, with members of the hard-left of the party grouped around NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon forming their own faction dedicated to the “fight to bring about the end of capitalism”.

Venezuela has managed this very successfully. That must be their role model.

Senator Rhiannon is a “former” communist who authored scores of pro-Soviet articles. Her surname is adopted from Welsh mythology as it sounds better than Lee Brown!

The formation of the group calling itself “Left

Renewal” is an escalation of an ongoing battle between the so-called eastern bloc of the Greens and the group they dismiss as “tree Tories”.

I quite like the name tree Tories!

On Thursday Senator Di Natale described the Left Renewal’s manifesto as “ridiculous” and “ill-thought through” and suggested its members consider joining another party.

The communist party perhaps?

Following a meeting in Sydney on Wednesday night, Left Renewal issued a statement of principles that includes the “rejection of the state’s legitimacy”.

“We believe . . . that capitalism is a violent and antagonistic relation between workers, and those who exploit them. As workers, whether or not we are waged, we experience perpetual violence and that this violence must be brought to an end. We therefore fight to bring about the end of capitalism,” it states.

“Capitalism depends upon violent and authoritarian divisions within the working class, such as elitism, sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, religious sectarianism, and ableism (among others). It is only with the abolition of these authoritarian relations that we will be able to create a thriving movement capable of transforming society and so must challenge these wherever we encounter it.”

You know it is a doozy when they get both transphobia and ableism into the same sentence!

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