Harre joins another party!

One News reports:

After 30 odd years, has re-joined the Labour Party – and she wants to be a Labour candidate at next year’s election.

“It’s been a while. It’s really great to be back,” says Ms Harre, who first joined Labour in 1982 at the tender age of 15.

Can’t get much of a better sign that haw far left Labour is going, that Laila wants to stand for Labour.

Harre says she’s Andrew Little’s “biggest fan”.

What about Kim?

“I’ve never really felt strongly reconnected to a political party since the Alliance and I am rediscovering those connections in Labour which is a really great place to be,” she said.

You’re saying you never felt strongly connected to the Internet Party which you were the leader of?

The veteran campaigner says she does regret her four months with the Internet Party because of the damage it did to her reputation.

It did.

“We did what we did to make it possible to change the government.

So the ends justify the means, including working for the guy who faces allegations of paying his servants below the minimum wage.

Labour’s general secretary Andrew Kirton said it was great to have someone with “her talent and experience” back to the party.

And while she’s welcome to stand, she’ll have to go through Te same process as other hopeful candidates.

I hear she is interested in either the Mt Albert or New Lynn nominations, which would be seats for life.

While I disagree with her politics, Laila is a formidable politician and does fight hard for the causes she believes in. Will be an interesting battle for the seats.

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