Could Trump be even worse than we thought?

It is early days, but Trump’s narcissism looks like it is going to dominate his presidency, and this flaw may undermine everything else he did.

In two days, three prime examples:

  1. His inauguration speech where he basically proclaimed that everything will be wonderful now he is President and the people now rule the nation. He stated that he will eradicate Islamic terrorism from the face of the earth. Sure, it is that easy. He also said that with patriotism there is no prejudice. The entire history of the world says the opposite.
  2. His speech at CIA HQ where he barely mentioned the dead officers (he was in front of their memorial) but just claimed that everyone in the audience probably voted for him, and the intelligence community love him. He claimed he had no beef with the CIA despite comparing them to Nazi Germany a few days earlier. He seems unable to understand the difference between a campaign speech, and a speech as President to government officials. In his speech he boasted about how many Time Magazine covers he has been on. Cringeworthy.
  3. Sending Sean Spicer out to berate the media for (correctly) reporting that fewer people attended his inauguration. Again it shows his narcissism and how everything is about him. Even after he has won and been sworn in, his main focus is well him.

I’d like to think that a Republican President, Senate and House could pass some laws and policies that would be good for America. The rumoured cuts to the federal bureaucracy is something that many say is long overdue. But I see his personality flaws as so massive, that I think it is just going to be embarrassing.

Maybe I’ll be wrong, but my God he is off to a horrible start. Not so much the inauguration speech or the Spicer press conference but his speech to CIA staff was so inappropriate and narcissistic that it is hard to resist the conclusion that he can’t change.

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