Gareth vs Winston

Newshub reports:

A mud hurling match between Winston Peters and has coloured the Opposition Parties’ speeches at Rātana Pā.

Mr Morgan, The Opportunities Party leader, made a long speech in which he declared his party would make constitutional reform in which upholding the Treaty would be a priority.

He went on to attack the New Zealand First leader, calling him an “Uncle Tom” and not supportive of the Treaty.

“His Cheshire Cat grin can’t disguise the fact his party is selling Māori down the river.”

Not one to sit back and take abuse, Mr Peters used his speech to fight back.

“Sorry for laughing,” he said as he began in te reo.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been mauled by a toothless sheep.”

Mr Peters then called Mr Morgan a “thinned-down version of Kim Dotcom” and said he’d been coming to Rātana for four decades, not “driving around Mongolia on a motorbike”.

Heh, would have loved to have been there for that exchange.

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