Lord Ashcroft on Trump’s victory

Lord Ashcroft conducted 32 focus groups in seven marginal US states and also did a poll of 30,000 votes. What did he find:

Trump negatives

  • No filter
  • Offensive remarks
  • Bad behaviour
  • Little policy detail

Clinton negatives

  • A politician
  • Embodiment of the establishment
  • No change of direction
  • Scripted and insincere
  • Entitlement: Her turn
  • Shady, corrupt or worse

So what were their positives:

Clinton positives

  • Experienced
  • Well-prepared and articulate

Trump positives

  • Change
  • Not a politician
  • Businessman – does deals, gets things done
  • Rich – independent
  • Not politically correct

You can see why Trump won, as the mood wanted change.


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