Spinning the Sevens

Stuff reports:

 officials are expecting about 15,000 fans to attend each day of next weekend’s tournament – a far cry from the full houses at the height of the event’s popularity, but slightly up on last year. 

I get suspicious when the only data in a story is a projection, rather than actual sales figures.

“We’ve reduced price, we’ve addressed entertainment, we’ve addressed food offerings.

“We’ve listened to the fans, and we’re happy with where we’re tracking at the moment.”

The changes are good, but it will fail unless the overall atmosphere is one of being a fun party. The Auckland Nines have got this. They have even set up a singles zone!

Wellington Mayor Justin Lester brushed off suggestions the tournament’s popularity was in serious decline.

“If we are getting up to those figures that we had last year, then that’s a really solid turnout.

“Ideally, we want to sell out the stadium, as does everybody, but that’s still a really healthy number.

Such spin. It’s an appalling number, if it even makes that.

The stadium used to sell out within four to seven minutes. Now they can’t sell even half over three months, despite a cut in prices.

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