The entitlement is strong in this one

The Herald reports:

This is one of several homes has turned down.

It’s brand new, fully insulated, never been lived in and just 650m down the road from the former state house she’s being evicted from.

But, the 62-year-old doesn’t want it because she says she can’t cope with the stairs in a two-storey house.

“I can’t get up stairs,” she said. “I can get up one, two, three steps, but it’s hard because of my arthritis in my knee.”

The new house, one of a block of new two-storey units, is in Bunkys Way, a new street off Sunnymead Rd in Glen Innes which runs parallel to Taniwha St where Rauti has lived for 21 years.

Rauti has been fighting the Tamaki Regeneration Company since last year when it took ownership of her state house in a plan to treble the current 2500 houses in the area, keeping about the same number of social housing units and selling the other new homes. …

She was first given notice to leave the house in 2014 when it was still owned by Housing NZ, but the company backed off then because it did not need to develop the land immediately.

She was given notice again late last year to leave by January 18.

The Tenancy Tribunal adjourned the latest application for a possession order after Rauti argued that she was not given proper notice, that the company applied for the order before it had the legal right to it, and that its action was “retaliatory”.

The company says it has offered her four other homes to move into in the Glen Innes area as well as the one in Bunkys Way.

“We have not received feedback from Ms Rauti on any of these houses,” said housing general manager Neil Porteous.

Rauti said she turned down the Bunkys Rd house and another one because they were two-storeyed, another house in Vienna Row because it was damp, and one in Tripoli Rd because it was an older house and likely to be demolished soon as part of the redevelopment of the area.

My God the sense of entitlement is strong in this one. This selfish person is trying to block 5,000 new homes being built because of her sense of entitlement. This is the poster child for the left’s campaign in Auckland against the Tamaki development.

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