Abusing a 10 year old kid

Gavin Fernando writes:

Over the weekend, Saturday Night Live writer Katie Rich was widely condemned for joking that the President’s youngest son would become a school shooter.

“Barron will be this country’s first homeschool shooter,” wrote Rich, in a now-deleted tweet.

The message was left up for about three hours before she deleted it.

Facing heavy criticism, she then made her Twitter account private, blocking public viewing of it.

Other social media users slammed Rich for targeting the child, with some calling her a “piece of trash” and others calling for a boycott of NBC, which airs SNL.

Twitter, of course, is a free-for-all. It’s a bloodbath filled with oft-nameless trolls, and let’s face it, Donald Trump has mastered the art of trolling.

As his father’s campaign gained prominence, Barron increasingly became a target of abuse – mostly, oddly enough, by people you’d assume were against President Trump due to his bullying politics.

The hypocrisy is strong.

Following Donald Trump’s rise, his opponents have criticised his youngest son on everything from his haircut to his clothing, inspiring an onslaught of memes and routine comparisons to Joffrey Baratheon, the cruel and entitled heir of King Robert in Game of Thrones.

Sure, it’s not about Barron directly. How could it be? He’s barely said a word in public, let alone anything worthy of criticism.

But disdain for the President is no reason to troll him – after all, isn’t that largely why progressives dislike Trump? Because they see him as a bully who picks on those that are weaker than him?

Kudos to the classy Chelsea Clinton for calling out the trolls and bullies of Barron.

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