Did the Sevens get too greedy?

A reader has sent me some data suggesting it wasn’t just the Fun Police that killed the Sevens, but also the ticket prices. Here are the 2 day ticket prices for each year and the attendance.

  • 2011 $125 and sold out
  • 2012 $145 and 62,805 attended
  • 2013 $199 and 60.426 attended
  • 2014 $209 and $52,633 attended
  • 2015 $199 (initially) and 36,000 attended
  • 2016 $137 and $29,500 attended

So as the ticket prices went up the attendance started to fall off, and then as the audience plummeted they reduced the ticket prices but by then it was too late – it was no longer THE event to get tickets to.

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