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The Herald reports:

A political comeback is on the cards for who will “probably apply” for citizenship so he can stand in this year’s General Election.

German-born Dotcom, who founded the Internet Party in the 2014 election, has a poll on Twitter asking people to vote on his proposed application.

“I’m now eligible to apply for citizenship. And if I became a citizen I could run myself at the next election. I’m interested to know how Kiwis would feel about that,” Dotcom told the Herald on Sunday.

Citizenship applicants have to prove they have lived here and been a resident for five years, intend to remain, speak English and be of good character.

The latter includes the requirement to tell the Citizenship Office if they have been reviewed, investigated or had legal action taken against them by police, the Ministry of Justice, Immigration NZ, Customs Service, Transport Agency, Department of Internal Affairs, Inland Revenue, Passport Office or Work and Income.

Dotcom is on bail as he fights extradition to the US after being arrested in 2012 on US charges relating to his Megaupload business. Dotcom and his three co-defendents deny the charges.

By yesterday, nearly 6000 people had voted, with 80 per cent in favour of Dotcom becoming a New Zealand passport holder.

“I see the comments [to the tweet] are split 50/50. What matters to me is the poll.”

This is a great idea. I urge everyone to find Dotcom’s pol and vote for him to run. Preferably he should again spend $5 million trying to change the Government and help get Labour/Greens elected.

But Dotcom said the party was “alive and well” and he might just be the man to fill the leadership vacancy.

Yes you are. Go for it.

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