UK Brexit strategy – exit the common market

Stuff reports:

Britain will quit the European Union’s single market when it exits the bloc, Prime Minister Theresa May said on Tuesday, in a decisive speech that quashed speculation she would seek a compromise deal to stay inside the world’s biggest trading bloc.

Setting out a vision that could chart Britain’s future for generations, May answered criticism that she has been coy about her plans with a direct pitch for a clean break, widely known in Britain as a “hard ”.

May promised to seek the greatest possible access to European markets. But she also said Britain would aim to establish its own free trade deals with countries far beyond Europe, and to impose limits on immigration from the continent.

This is no surprise. To stay in the common market would mean freedom of movement and restrictions on immigration is what many wanted in voting Brexit.

Note you can be very pro immigration but against uncontrolled immigration.

May has set out four “principles” that will guide her approach to Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, and defined 12 negotiating objectives.

* Providing certainty for business and the public sector whenever possible as negotiations take place

* Taking back control of British law, ending jurisdiction of European Court of Justice
* Strengthening the union between the four nations of the United Kingdom
* Maintaining the common travel area between Ireland and the UK

* Controlling immigration to Britain from Europe
* Guaranteeing rights of EU citizens already living in Britain and rights of British nationals living in the EU as early as possible
* Ensure workers’ rights are fully protected and maintained

* Pursuing a new, bold, comprehensive and ambitious free trade agreement with the EU with greatest possible access to the single market, without membership of it. Pursuing customs deal with the EU to ensure cross-border trade with Europe is as “frictionless as possible”
* Pursuing new trade agreements with the rest of the world
* Remaining a top destination for science, research and innovation
* Reaching practical arrangements with the EU for cooperation on law enforcement, terrorism, foreign affairs, foreign and defence policy
* Phased implementation approach delivering a smooth and orderly Brexit, seeking to ‘avoid a cliff edge’ disruption.

The two year countdown is due to be triggered by 31 March.

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