Communist China now more pro free trade than the US

The Herald reports:

Chinese President Xi Jinping cautioned against protectionism as he pushed back against criticism of globalisation by Donald Trump and other Western populists.

“Protectionism is like locking yourself in a dark room, which would seem to escape wind and rain, but also block out the sunshine,” Xi told the World Economic Forum on Tuesday, the first Chinese head of state to address the annual gathering in the Alpine resort town of Davos. “No one is a winner in a trade war.”

Xi used his speech to support a global economic order that has helped fuel ’s almost four-decade economic boom. While a surge in protectionist sentiment threatens to slow the engine of China’s growth, it also offers Xi a chance to advance his goal of shaping global economic systems.

What a funny world where we live where the leader of the Communist Party of China is more pro than the leader of the Republican Party of the United States.


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