23 September 2017

The election date is Saturday 23 September 2017.

Bill English has said:

The Government’s intention is that the House will rise on Thursday, 17 August and Parliament will be dissolved on 22 August.

Writ day will follow on 23 August, and nominations will close at noon on 29 August. The last day for the return of the writ will be 12 October.

He has also said:

Mr English said his preference is to continue working with current partners –  ACT, United Future and the Māori Party.

“Together our parties have provided a stable and successful government at a time of great uncertainty in many parts of the world,” says Mr English.

Mr English ruled out working with the Labour-Greens grouping. 

“They are an increasingly far left, inward looking grouping, with no new ideas who don’t back New Zealanders to succeed.

“New Zealand First is an unlikely partner, however I am prepared to have discussions with them post-election depending on the makeup of Parliament,” says Mr English.

So no real change there.

I find it ironic that the parties of the left who are howling the loudest against Donald Trump, are the ones keenest to have NZ First in Government – the party whose policies are closest to Trump.

My view is that if NZ First holds the balance of power, National should go into opposition and let the chaos of a Labour-Green-NZ First Government stumble along for a year or two, and then mount a strong bid to get back into Government.

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