90% of rivers and lakes swimmable by 2040

Nick Smith announced:

The Government today announced a target of 90 per cent of New Zealand’s lakes and rivers meeting swimmable quality standards by 2040, alongside releasing new policy, regulations, information maps and funding to help achieve the new goal.

“This ambitious plan to improve the quality in our lakes and rivers recognises that New Zealanders expect to be able to take a dip in their river or lake without getting a nasty bug,” Environment Minister Dr Nick Smith says.

“The plan is backed up by regulations requiring stock to be fenced out of waterways, new national policy requirements on regional councils to strengthen their plan rules on issues such as sewage discharges and planting riparian margins, a new Freshwater Improvement Fund and new maps that clearly identify where improvements are needed.

“This 90 per cent goal by 2040 is challenging and is estimated to cost the Government, farmers and councils $2 billion over the next 23 years. It will make a world leader in quality standards for swimming, and that’s important for New Zealand’s growing tourism industry. It will return our rivers and lakes to a standard not seen in 50 years while recognising that our frequent major rainfalls mean a 100 per cent standard is not realistic.”

$2 billion over 23 years seems a reasonable cost.

Worth also reading this interview with Nick Smith where he debunks the claims made about the new standards with some good examples.

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