Not just London

As we mourn the deaths of four in London at the hands of an Islamist terrorist, it is worth remembering they were not the only ones who died this week as a result of Islamist terror attacks.

288 people in 13 countries were killed in 39 separate attacks this week. They include:

  • A young child is blown to bits by a female suicide bomber in Bangladesh
  • A pregnant woman is among five civilians gunned down in cold blood by Fulani terrorists in Nigeria
  • An atheist is hacked to death by an angry Muslim over Facebook posts attacking religion in India
  • A father and son’s throats are slit by a family member yelling ‘Allah Akbar’ in Paris
  • At least ten innocents are claimed by a Fedayeen suicide car bomber in Somalia
  • A man is tied up and shot to death for ‘cursing Allah’ in Syria

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