Pregnant again

The Herald reports:

A woman jailed for her role in the abuse and death of murdered Rotorua toddler Nia Glassie is pregnant again, just months after Child Youth and Family removed a child from her care at birth.

was 19 when she was sent to prison for her part in Nia’s brutal death in 2007. …

Since Nia died Kemp has had three more children, all removed from her care by CYF soon after birth.

The Herald on Sunday revealed in November that Kemp’s fourth child was born late last year and was also removed by CYF at birth.

What is wrong with this woman. She knows any child she has will be removed at birth, yet she keeps getting pregnant. Why would you go through all the trauma of pregnancy and birth for a baby you won’t get to keep. You can get a contraceptive implant in your arm that lasts for five years.

Instead she keeps having babies that go into state and foster care.

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