Williams worried Morgan takes votes off Labour/Greens


It comes across to me like Morgan wants to avoid the hard work of becoming part of a party and fighting for a movement or a cause. He just want’s to skip right to the bit where you get to say your opinions and how much better things would be if you were in charge. He reminds me of a 21-year-old with a BA in politics who thinks everyone else is an idiot. He reminds me of me.

This is an issue because there’s almost no way The Opportunities Party is going to get the 5 per cent of votes necessary to get into parliament. It hasn’t been done before. Perhaps the best thing that The Opportunities Party will do is draw attention to how stacked our current rules are against new parties outside parliament.

Instead of hurting the National/ Act/ Maori Party government, it looks like he’s going to more seriously affect the Labour/Greens challenge by taking away what will most likely be wasted votes and chewing up crucial airtime and policy space. 

This works perfectly for National and the status quo; Steven Joyce welcomed the new party saying “the more the merrier”, as he dusts off their very effective 2014 campaign ads with the rudderless opposition paddling around in circles.

We just need Kim Dotcom to get involved also!

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