Guilty of having conservative views

Stuff reports:

A district councillor has come under fire for questionable remarks made on Facebook – barely two months after apologising for his last “racist” rant.

Six formal complaints about councillor Murray Chong have been made to the New Plymouth District Council (NPDC) following a post made to his personal Facebook account on Sunday.

His critical commentary saw him ask who else was tired of “Natori and Labori” giving into “so called” Maori rights.

This is just more pathetic . is absolutely entitled to have views that are in opposition to what National and Labour have done in the area of Treaty rights.

Those who file formal complaints with the Council are effectively saying they they don’t want anyone to express conservative views on Treaty issues and they will try and get them sanctioned for doing so if they hold public office.

It is quite legitimate to take his views into account when deciding whether to vote for him. It is illegitimate to try and muzzle him through a Council complaints process.

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