Should teaching become a post-graduate degree?

The Herald reports:

Education Minister Hekia Parata sees merit in shifting teacher training to a post-graduate level – saying teaching has one of the lowest barriers to entry of any profession.

The change is opposed by the secondary school teachers’ union, the PPTA, who fear it could worsen teacher supply issues

But Labour’s education spokesman, Chris Hipkins, says it warrants further investigation, and could help ensure all teachers have the required literacy and numeracy skills.

“I definitely see merit in having teaching as a post-graduate qualification,” Hipkins said.

In a significant move, the Education Council is moving towards a position that all people wanting to become teachers – in early childhood, primary and secondary – should be required to have a bachelor-level degree, as well as a post-graduate level qualification in teaching.

This seems worthwhile to me. Finland has an excellent education system, and part of that is because their teachers are highly qualified and valued. It would inevitably mean paying teachers more, but that is fine if it is lifting the standard of teaching in the profession.

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