Woodhouse removes delegation from Immigration NZ

The Herald reports:

The Government is taking action following a Herald investigation, promising improvement to immigrations standards for those convicted of a criminal offence.

The Herald revealed today that a man who had emigrated to New Zealand had twice been convicted of sex offending since his arrival in 2012, but wouldn’t be deported is his record stayed clean for the next five years.

Sultan Ali Abdul Ali Akbari arrived from Afghanistan in early 2012, and has since sexually assaulted three victims, including two young girls.

Minister Woodhouse did not comment when first approached by the Herald.

But now he said he would take steps to improve the decision making authority for cases involving residence class visa holders convicted of a criminal offence.

“I have made my expectations very clear when it comes to deportation decisions involving offending of this nature and those expectations are not being met.

“So I am temporarily suspending Immigration NZ’s decision-making authority until I have confidence that the decisions being made are consistent with my expectations.

“This course of action follows today’s New Zealand Herald article regarding an individual whose liability for deportation was suspended, despite the severity of the offending.”

Good to see firm action from the Minister. It was an appalling decision by Immigration NZ not to deport this guy who has already sexually assaulted four women and girls.

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