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The Herald reports:

A man who emigrated to New Zealand has been convicted twice for sex offending since his arrival in 2012 – including while on bail – but will not be deported if his record stays clean for the next five years.

The decision by officials has been criticised, particularly as the man did not completing any rehabilitation programmes or offence-related courses in prison.

The Herald can reveal that Sultan Ali Abdul Ali Akbari arrived in New Zealand from Afghanistan in October 2012 on a resident visa.

In February 2013 Akbari indecently assaulted a woman and was convicted.

Then in 2015 he was jailed for two years and one month for five charges of indecent acts on girls aged 8 and 10 and indecently assaulting an 18-year-old.

That offending happened while Akbari was on bail awaiting trial on the 2013 charge.

At sentencing in the Auckland District Court a pre sentence report stated Akbari’s risk of reoffending was “moderate to high”.

The authorities are nuts to let this guy stay in NZ. In Australia he’d already be on the way home. He’s sexually assaulted four women and girls and is at a moderate to high risk of reoffending.

The Herald can reveal Akbari holds a residency visa but has been granted a deportation liability suspension, removing the ability to deport him back to Afghanistan for five years.

Suspensions can only be granted by the Immigration Minister or a “delegated decision maker”.

In this case a senior INZ official granted Akbari’s suspension.

Immigration spokesman Marc Piercey said: “It’s important to note that if this individual reoffends within the five year suspension period he will breach the conditions of his suspension and will be liable for deportation.”

Why let him assault a fifth women? Madness.

“Other factors included family connections and support in New Zealand, as well as the conditions in the relevant home country and the reasons and circumstances which resulted in a grant of residence in this case in the first place.”

Tough. Yes Afghanistan is not a great place to live but he should have thought of that before all his sexual assaults here.

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