Sultan Ali Abdul Ali Akbari must go

The has released:

Sensible Sentencing Trust has learned that Afghani sex offender has, since his release on parole at the end of February, been convicted and sentenced to community detention for harassing women at shopping malls. That is bad enough, but of far greater concern, he has had his parole conditions revised for misbehavior with young girls and women at a Henderson swimming complex.

“How on earth can it be that this man was granted a five year reprieve from deportation when he has reoffended, has had his parole conditions tightened, and received a conviction for harassment of women?” said Trust Founder Garth McVicar. “Why was his parole not immediately revoked for breach, rather than simply having further conditions added?” McVicar said.

“Presumably the Department knew about Akbari’s breach of parole, the subsequent variation to his parole conditions, and his latest conviction, for harassing women. Given those most disturbing circumstances, why on earth was he not deported?” McVicar said.

“If the grant of the reprieve preceded his latest offending, and the complaints of sexual misbehavior made against him, he has now clearly put himself in line for immediate deportation. For unaccountable reasons, Immigration New Zealand said he would not be deported if he did not reoffend within five years. As of 16 March 2017 – a little over a month ago – Akbari had been convicted of harassment of women, and received a community based sentence. That being the case, why is this man still here?” McVicar said.

The more that comes out about this case, the more appalling it looks. The decision maker within Immigration NZ should never ever have agreed to a five year stay on deportation and they must now do everything they can legally to remove this man from New Zealand.

I’ve been sent two reports from the Parole Board about this man. The first is dated 31 January 2017 and some key points:

  • Akbari speaks no English
  • His indecent assaults were on an eight year old girl, 10 year old girl and 18 year old girl and a female shop assistant
  • Akbari has made no progress with rehabilitation and denies any wrongdoing
  • Released on 21 February 2017 (sentence was due to end 16 October 2017) with release conditions including a curfew for three months and no unsupervised contacts with under 16 year olds

The second is dated 16 March 2017 and key points are:

  • concerns have arisen in relation to his behaviour with children and women in public areas including a swimming complex and shopping mall
  • Akbari has been given a pre-charge warning over the swimming complex and given community detention and work over the incidents at shopping malls
  • Akbari now required to wear GPS
  • Akbari banned from malls, parks and pools

But here is the key thing. He was released in 21 February and by 16 March he had already offended multiple times and been convicted. This should be enough to break the Immigration NZ decision of non deportation as it was contingent on no further offending.

So Immigration NZ must move to immediately deport Akbari. It is obvious that he has no self control if he is reoffending within days of release from prison. He speaks no English so can’t integrate in NZ society easily and he denies any wrong doing.

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