It’s Macron vs Le Pen

The polls were right – the top two candidates for French President were centrist Emmanuel Macron and National Front leader Marine Le Pen.

From a policy point of view my preferred President would be Francois Fillon but he deservedly got punished for having his wife on the state payroll for over a decade, despite her not doing any actual work.

The top five candidates were:

  1. Macron 23.7%
  2. Le Pen 21.7%
  3. Fillon 19.5%
  4. Melenchon (far left) 19.5%
  5. Harmon (socialist) 6.2%

The Socialist Party has been one of the two main parties in France. The current President is from that party. To come 5th and only get 6.2% is humiliating.

The polls indicate Macron should beat Le Pen with 60% to 65% of the vote so he will be the first modern President not from either of the two main parties.

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