A ridiculous prosecution

The Herald reports:

Whanganui MP , cleared of a driving charge laid by police, says he is frustrated it went all the way to court.

After a day-and-a-half trial in Whanganui District Court, Judge Stephanie Edwards this afternoon found the politician not guilty of careless driving causing injury after two protesters were hit by his car.

Police charged Borrows, 59, after two women suffered minor injuries when they were among anti-Trans Pacific Partnership protesters blocking his car outside a Whanganui motel in March last year.

I would have been outraged with any other verdict. It was ridiculous it went to court. The complaint was obviously wholly politically motivated and if anyone should have been charged it was those blocking the car from leaving. There is no right to block a road. If Borrows had been found guilty it would have sent a green light to every activist out there to jump up and down and in front of MPs cars.

What the hell the Police thought they were doing by doing a criminal prosecution I do not know. Even if they thought Borrows was in the wrong (something many would dispute) you’d expect a caution at best.

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