This is going to be a long trial

The Herald reports:

During cross-examination, Slater’s lawyer Brian Henry asked Craig to read parts of a 12-page letter he wrote to MacGregor just six weeks after employing her as his press secretary.

After just six weeks? It is bad form to hit on the staff until after the 90 day period is over.

One passage concerned questions Craig said he’d been asked by people who were keeping tabs on him.

“Questions were: Colin, are you having an affair? Do you think your relationship with you PA (ie you) is special? Have you kissed her?”

Regarding the third question, Craig wrote, “And again obviously the answer to the last question was no, not that I wouldn’t want to, a lot, but that is a boundary.”

I might be old fashioned but writing to your staff telling them how you want to kiss them could be a bad idea.

Henry also questioned Craig about a part of his letter where he apologised for looking down her top.

“I owe you an apology … I was caught off-guard. My eyes went where they shouldn’t have gone.”

Likewise writing to your press secretary and admitting you stare down her top could also be seen as a bad idea.

Stuff further reports:

“Physically, I do desire you,” Craig said in a letter penned in February 2012. “There are some times I just want to kiss you and.. well.. go further.”

“I have resisted going down the kissing track and shall continue to do so. I have left the door open for you to say if you need that. But I expect it would be infrequent and of course there are still boundaries.”

So in this letter it is an offer of infrequent kissing if she needs it.

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