Assault a reporter and get elected to Congress

Stuff reports:

A Republican politician has won a special election for a US House seat in the state of Montana, even after being charged with assaulting a reporter the day before polls opened, in a race seen as a referendum on US President Donald Trump.

“Great win in Montana,” Trump told reporters in Italy, where he’s attending a Group of Seven summit, after tech millionaire won the statewide contest for Montana’s only House seat over Democrat Rob Quist, a political novice and musician.

Gianforte had 50.4 per cent of the vote to Quist’s 43.9 per cent, according to the Associated Press, with 98 per cent of precincts reporting. The seat had been held by Ryan Zinke, whom Trump appointed as interior secretary.

Once upon a time assaulting someone would see you disqualified from office. No longer I guess.

Gianforte seems to be a loony tune as well as a thug. He opposes raising the age of retirement on the basis that Noah was 600 years old when he built the ark. Yes, seriously.

He also believes there were dinosuars as recently as 4,300 years ago and what wiped them out was the flood that Noah built the ark for.

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