Hopkins should be sacked

Steve Kilgallon writes:

Newstalk ZB quite frequently calls on the services of a British woman called to opine on overseas news stories. She’s presented as an ‘outspoken commentator’. In the aftermath of the Ariana Grande bombing in Manchester, Hopkins thought it wise to send a vile tweet (since deleted) saying that “we need a final solution”.

Let us be clear: Hopkins’ consistent record of vileness (more of this anon) means it is quite clear that she intended this to mean a widespread murder of Muslims. In the unlikely event that Hopkins didn’t know the currency that term carries, then she doesn’t have the general knowledge worthy to act as a commentator (she wouldn’t have the general knowledge worthy to go on The Chase). But as a reminder, it refers to the genocide of six million Jewish people in World War Two.

Hopkins is, I reckon, clearly a vile woman who says vile things, but this tweet seemed as disgusting as you could possibly get, particularly contrasted with the nobility of most Mancunians in the face of the terror attack.

Anyone who talks about needing a final solution, should not be on air.  Implictly advocating genocide is so far over the line it is not funny.

UPDATE: She has been fired from some of her UK roles.

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