Clinton voters more remorseful than Trump voters

The Washington Post reports:

I argued last week that anecdotal stories about disillusioned Trump supporters were overdone. The fact is that, on a broad scale, Trump supporters say they aren’t disappointed. In fact, a poll showed they were more pleased than disappointed, by about five to one.

The Pew Research Centre released a poll showing very little buyer’s remorse among Trump voters. The poll showed just 7 per cent of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents say Trump has performed worse than they expected him to. Fully 38 per cent – five times as many – say he has performed better. 

A new Washington Post-ABC News poll confirms this – in spades. And, in fact, it shows more buyer’s remorse for Trump’s opponent in the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton.

And were the 2016 election held again today, it shows Trump would avenge his popular-vote loss.

While just 4 per cent of Trump’s supporters say they would back someone else if there was a redo of the election, fully 15 per cent of Clinton supporters say they would ditch her.

That 15 per cent is split between those who say they would vote for Trump (2 per cent), Gary Johnson (4 per cent), Jill Stein (2 per cent), and either other candidates or not vote (7 per cent).

The Democrats will need a very different candidate if they wish to win in 2020.

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