Corbyn says WWII was last just war

The Telegraph reports:

Britain has not fought a just conflict since the Second World War, has said, insisting he would only authorise military action as a “genuine last resort”.

Not a surprising statement from the man who cheered on the IRA and Hamas.

I would have said the following three wars were clearly just conflicts:

  • Korean War – triggered by North Korea invading South Korea. So Corbyn seems to think North Korea should have been allowed to enslave South Korea. Note the UN authorised the allied response.
  • Falklands – Argentina invaded British territory. Corbyn thinks the locals should have been left to Argentinian rule.
  • Gulf War – Iraq invaded Kuwait. Again Corbyn seems to think the aggressor country should have been rewarded by being allowed to keep Kuwait. Again was authorised by UN Security Council.

Corbyn says he is not a pacifist, but if he thinks there has been no just war since WWII, then he seems to be splitting hairs.

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