The Herald reports:

A murderer who bashed his victim with a hammer has petitioned Parliament for prisoners to be able to father a child from behind bars via artificial insemination.

The petition by Karl Teangiotau Nuku also calls for prisoners to be able to give blood and donate organs.

No to prisoners fathering children.

Donating organs could be worth allowing, but it seems it is already:

Bronwyn Donaldson, director of offender health for Corrections, said there are no legal restrictions preventing the donation of blood, organs or sperm by prisoners.

“However, Corrections does not facilitate or support prisoners participating in [such donations] as part of their primary health care requirements…consideration would be given on a case-by-case basis by the prison director, who is required to ensure the safety of all involved.”

The challenge is the prisoner would probably need to spend a fair bit of time in hospital if they donate, and that is a less secure environment.

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