Green Party welfare policy summarised

  • You should be able to be on the unemployment benefit for 15+ years and never ever be required to turn up to a job interview or even look for a job
  • If like Metiria you have lied in order to get more money from the taxpayer, you should not be required to pay the money back or face any sanctions for lying in order to get more money
  • The in-work tax credit for working parents should be given to parents not working
  • fraud is noble and should not be condemned or even discouraged by MPs but all other sorts of fraud are bad.
  • Fathers should be able to not be named on birth certificates without sanction, and escape paying even a cent to their children’s upbringing, leaving the entire bill to taxpayers
  • You should get a benefit even if your partner is a millionaire so long as you have been living together for less than three years
  • If you are diagnised with a sickness you can claim a sickness benefit for life without ever needing to get a follow up medical certificate to prove you are still sick

Makes you realise what is at stake if there is a change of Government.

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