The Greens condemning kids to poverty plan

The policy on is truly terrible. It reverses policies which have sucessfully dropped the numbers on welfare to record lows. We have a abundance of data that shows kids growing up in a household where no parents work do far far worse in terms of life outcomes. And this is taking into accoung relative income levels.

So how bad is the Greens policy. It would mean:

  • no more work testing – benefits for life
  • no investigations into relationships – can claim a benefit while living with a wealthy person
  • no appointment attendance requirements – don’t need to even turn up to WINZ, and you still get paid the benefit
  • No budget requirements – you can just keep claiming hardship grants for ever
  • No repeated proof of sickness – sickness benefit for life!
  • No need to name the father – father’s escape all liability for their children, leaving taxpayers to pay on their behalf
  • The in work tax credit will be given to those not in work

Basically the Greens want to abolish welfare fraud by gettind rid of all the requirements around honesty and looking for work! This is like abolishing crime by getting rid of the Crimes Act!

We have one of the most generous welfare systems in the world. But it is based on there being both rights and responsibilities. The Greens want to abolish all responsibilies such as looking for a job and make welfare a lifetime entitlement.

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