Labour releases an internal poll showing their party vote has halved!

Newshub reports:

The Hui has obtained the results of an internal Party survey of which is currently held by Māori Party co-leader Te Ururoa Flavell, and the numbers make interesting reading.

It shows Labour candidate Tamati Coffey is trailing Māori Party co-leader Te Ururoa Flavell by just 1.5 percent.

That is not the interesting part. Personally I strongly doubt that Coffey is near Flavell when you consider his majority last time and the fact Mana has now endorsed him.

Here is the interesting part:

Which of the following would you cast your party vote for?

  • National – 13.4 percent
  • Labour – 19.4 percent
  • The Greens – 12.1 percent
  • NZ First – 25.7 percent
  • The Māori Party – 18.9 percent
  • Another Party – 4.4 percent
  • Unsure – 6.1 percent

If you take away the undecideds, Labour is saying their poll has the party vote in Waiariki as:

  • National 14.3% (+9.2% from election)
  • Labour 20.7% (-18.1%)
  • Greens 12.9% (+4.8%)
  • NZ First 27.4% (+14.7%)
  • Maori Party 20.1% (-1.9%)

So Labour have released an internal poll showing their party vote has halved in Waiariki. I’m not sure the poll is that credible, but regardless why would you release a poll showing your party vote has plummeted?


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