Preying on misery

The Herald reports:

So-called psychics on  were an “entertainment angle” to boost viewer numbers and detectives should focus on the benefit of prime-time exposure for cold cases, a researcher for the show told police.

The researcher told police “no matter what you think of the value (or otherwise) of psychics, Sensing Murder can be seen as a valuable opportunity to refresh attempts to get answers to some long-held unanswered questions”.

The show, and all those involved in it, prey in misery and suffering and bring false hope to families of victims. They should be ashamed of themselves and for promoting such bullcrap.

Police disagreed with internal emails released through the Official Information Act revealing that not one show in the 39 episodes filmed over more than a decade had provided a single piece of useful information.

Of course not, as psychics are either deluded or con artists.

Managing director of showmakers’ Screentime Philly De Lacey offered another reason for the show – she said it gave comfort and closure to the families of those who had died.

“That came from the researcher. That’s not the general view of the programme. I think the psychics are incredibly accurate.”

That have a 0% success rate. You make money out of people believing they are accurate.

’s in-house lawyer Brent McAnulty responded to an OIA request about the show earlier this year, saying the “mediums do receive a fee for their appearance” but it wasn’t paid by TVNZ.

“The mediums all believe that they have a gift that they can assist others with and there is no intention to deceive whatsoever,” he said.

The mediums believe they have an ability to make money.

A TVNZ spokeswoman said the show was “compelling” for viewers and it wasn’t for the broadcaster to tell people what they should believe.

Oh crap. There is a difference between telling people what to believe and giving a weekly show to crooks and cranks.

Would they give a weekly show to neo-nazis to promote holocaust denial and say it isn’t for us to tell people what to believe?

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