AUSA left trying to ban views they don’t like

Stuff reports:

The fate of a university anti-abortion club will be decided this week in a referendum that could see it disaffiliated. 

Auckland University Students Association members are now able to vote on whether the ProLife Auckland group should remain affiliated with the association.

The referendum also asks whether clubs with a “similar ideology” should be banned from affiliating in the future.

Clubs should be able to affiliate without discrimination. Again we see some on the left not wanting to debate issues, but to supress the views of those they disagree with.

I am personally strongly pro-choice. But I would no more vote to ban a pro-life group than vote to ban Young Greens as a affiliated club.  Campuses should be about differing views.

It is not the first time the club has faced disaffiliation since its inception in 2010. There have been multiple motions to have the group disaffiliated, but all have failed. 

They just won’t give up.

Middleton, who is in her second year of a Bachelor of Science majoring in statistics and biology, said the group was “very peaceful”. 

Being disaffiliated would mean the group would struggle to get funding and would be restricted in its activities and advertising on campus, she said. 

Disaffiliation is not a ban on being on campus, but it disadvantages the group.

AUSA is funded by all students through Auckland University. If AUSA decides to restrict affiliation based on political opinion, then the University should cease funding them.

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