Labour’s secret tax policy

The Herald reports:

leader Jacinda Ardern has not ruled out introducing a capital gains if she leads the next Government.

Ardern has revealed it was her own “captain’s call” to not rule out introducing a capital gains tax on rental properties or second homes next term.

She made the comments while fielding questions during a special PM Job Interview with the Herald, facing a panel hosted by Heather du Plessis-Allan and featuring Audrey Young, Liam Dann and Toby Manhire.

Labour will wait to hear what a planned tax working group recommends on the matter, Ardern said – but waiting to act until after the 2020 election was too long.

So Jacinda is saying they will tell us after the election what their tax policy is!

They may or may not introduce a capital gains tax, a land tax, a wealth tax. If they get to form government they will take that as a licence to introduce any new tax they want. And you can be sure this won’t be a tax swap, where some taxes are lowered to compensate. This will be the greatest tax grab in recent history.

This parody account on Twitter has it right:

Yes Grant and Jacinda will appoint some mates to design us a new tax system and they’ll implement it, all before the next election. It might be a land tax. It might be a wealth tax. It might be a capital gains tax. The only certainity is you will be paying more taxes.

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