Alan Duff on save the poor politicians


When a politician says he represents the poor, he is not telling the truth. He means his role is to extract as much money from government as he possibly can to keep the poor’s vote.

Yep. And they use a measure of that guarantees there are always people in poverty meaning you always need to tax and spend more.

This type of politician has taken the easy route, by creating the image of a heroic Robin Hood figure. Far easier to create a public profile with thunderous speeches against government, not forgetting rich exploiters of the poor, than it is to face the other way: towards the people he claims to so care about.

If he truly cared he’d start with the poor first. Not in getting them subsidised state housing, higher welfare benefits, a swathe more entitlements. But in persuading a change of outlook, their diet reassessed since it is killing them, teaching restraint in all areas, from food to social interactions.

If government are to be engaged, then ask for teachers of household budgeting. Harangue the wealthy Maori tribal trusts for money to pay qualified people to teach financial literacy.


Ah, but not our hero, he’s not having his daily morning ride into main street on his big black horse spoiled. Government – and rich fat cats – you are heartless racists. There. Done. Another thousand vote ticks.

Sounds like a few politicians we are seeing at the moment.

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