Campaign Countdown – 15 days to go

Adopted NZ First’s ‘Forestry Service’ policy (which Labour got rid of in the 80s).

Ardern committed to keeping company tax at 28%.

Ardern under attack by Prebble and disability advocacy group. Clark Gayford (partner) and Jeremy Corbyn (comrade) came to her defence.

Plans announced for pay equity: onus on employers who will have to be more transparent.

Shaw says he hopes to bring party above the 5% in tomorrow’s minor parties’ debate.

Joyce copped more flack on RNZ about Labour budget – unable to name anyone who supports $11.76b figure.

Announced new $57m mental health facility for Christchurch hospital.

Pleeeease, Your Honour!

Candidate under investigation for offering virtual credits in exchange for votes nothing but a ‘smear campaign’.

One News Colmar Brunton out at 6pm.

NZ Herald: Capital gains tax: 35% agree; 26% oppose; 32 neutral; 8% ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

As at 9am 5 September: Nats: $7.62b Lab: $22.82b NZFirst:  $25.97b  Greens: $9.94b  Maori: $12.17b  (excludes WeChat credits)  ACT: $-2.43b  TOP: $10.69b  (all figures limited to costs within next Parliamentary term).

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